Forgotten Skulls

Forgotten Skulls are a collection of 9,999 generative skulls with a large array of attributes and mysterious loot which will play a part in how the story unfolds.

What are these mysterious skulls and where did they come from? Who discovered them and what secrets does the loot hold?

Forgotten Skulls will be on the Fantom network to utilize the ultra low fee’s and avoid high gas wars.


Please make sure you are connected to the right network (Fantom Mainnet) and the correct address. Click here to see how to add Fantom network to Metamask.

Please note: Once you make the purchase, you cannot undo this action.


25% Sold

Listings on Artion, Paintswap, x.yxz & more

50% Sold

Random airdrops of Forgotten Skulls to current holders

75% Sold

Holders of specific loot traits airdropped unique 1/1 NFTs

100% Sold

Airdrop of a new 3D collection for all Forgotten Skull holders and integration into a leading metaverse game

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Forgotten Skulls are available on Paintswap, NFTkey and Artion, with more marketplaces coming soon!

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